lessons i’ve learned from
{my dad} about life

put your heart into everything you do.

there are times when it’s okay to stay quiet.

give of yourself and your time, freely.

if you can’t fall asleep sitting up,
well, you’re just not tired enough.

take care of what you have.

comfort comes before fashion.

kindness is the cornerstone of love.

if you have the right tools,
you can fix almost anything.

giving up is not an option.

your family is who you are.

integrity helps balance out mistakes.

whistling while you work is the
best way to make the time fly by.

patience isn’t a virtue, it’s a way of life.

the bigger your heart, the bigger your life.

showing up counts for more than you think.

a sense of humor, and learning to laugh
at yourself, will get you through.


thanks, dad



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{my dad} about life”

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