letting go

Tell me a story, sing me a song, whisper a secret, one of those ten you keep close to your heart. I promise not to tell, or raise my eyebrows, or even grin, I will just listen, absorb, resound.

It will be dark, and quiet, the only sound shall be your voice, your emotion, the deep resonating timbre of your voice, and this moment we are in, each breath we take, the sharp focus we once thought to be clarity.

Dance out your glory, raw and clumsy. Stumble and fall and laugh at the sky, that blanket you cannot escape, that blue eyed star-filled cosmic joke that holds every word you’ve ever spoken.

Hold your silence if it pleases you, but do not be afraid, this earth holds the tears of eternity, yours and hers, his and mine, every mother’s. Drown your sorrow in the ocean, hold a raindrop on
your tongue, let it wash you, clean you, clear you, absolve you.

Stand there whole and wet and cracked wide open.

Stand there.


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