Apr 7 2011

faded glory

a moment in the sun

comes better late

than never.

Apr 5 2011

a bird in the hand


Today I am over at Vision & Verb

having some fun with a handful of idioms.

‘Cause time flies when you’re having fun…


Apr 3 2011

sunday sunshine

i too omit one kelly


a line from an e.e. cummings poem

that has always made me smile

being a kelly and all

and always wondering

which one

he chose

to omit.


april is national poetry month


and right now i am into

all things that make me


Apr 1 2011

color me frustrated

And/or, everything is broken.

My knee doesn’t work, spring still hasn’t managed to find its way up north, my computer keeps revolting, my house is a mess and it took five phone calls to get the phone company to fix the thing they told me was fixed on the first call. And it only got fixed on the fifth call because Rebecca in Arizona accidentally switched me to the programming department.

This was after John in New York assured me it was fixed two weeks ago, and Terry in Florida assured me it was fixed a couple days after that, and Jody in Colorado assured me it was fixed three days ago, and two hours ago, Jenny in Virginia assured me it was really, truly fixed this time after we spent 45 minutes on the phone together.

Except, it still wasn’t fixed.

So when I called back AGAIN, I got Rebecca, whom I could barely hear and who, after I spent five minutes explaining the whole problem to again, stressing that I work from home and really need this taken care of, said, “So, what can I help you with today?”

Deep breath. Long strings of silent curses that were dangerously close to becoming audible.

“I just explained it all to you, did you not hear what just I said?”

“I’m sorry, I was listening to someone else who was talking to me at the same time you were.”

Deep teeth marks in my tongue at this point, from all that biting.

Finally, after being put on hold (again!) for so long that the phone rang through to somewhere else, I ended up with the programming department in the city 30 miles from here, which is where they handle all the problems that I have been explaining to other people all over the country for the past two weeks.

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

Can’t someone, somewhere, figure out how to set up a customer service system, or a health care system, or any system, that actually works?

I know, I’m ranting. And I’m sorry.

I know there are far worse things going on in the world, and quite honestly, that is all part of this frustration, this feeling that everything is broken.

That’s from a song, you know. I didn’t make it up.

But I’m singing it really, really loud right now.

Is anyone listening?