uh oh

it finally happened. i caught up with myself.

and before you get too excited and start congratulating me, let me explain that i am not caught up, it’s just that I am so far behind that i turned the corner and ran smack dab into myself.

running in circles never gets you anywhere, does it?

and believe me, it wasn’t pretty. i look a mess, all disheveled and distracted and harried. and i’m not even going to mention my hair.

i keep trying to force myself to slow down, but there just isn’t anyplace to do it. right now, my life is a scramble. some of it is self-imposed, but when it comes right down to it, most of it is not. so i keep scrambling and scurrying and squeaking by.

but, oh my.

now that i’ve gotten a good look at myself from behind, i can see that some things just have to change.

i need to, um, pare things down a bit.

i’m not yet sure where to start, where the give and take will happen.

but this rubberband is about to snap me back into place.

here’s hoping i land on my feet.

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