The other day, after I had posted about my belated blog birthday, and my ongoing craving for a cupcake, I heard someone at the back door.

When I walked out into my kitchen, my dad was standing there, with this little cake in his hand. “Happy Anniversary,'”  he said, and I almost asked him what anniversary, before I remembered what I had written.

Mind you, this was a day that was so cold I didn’t even feel like walking out to the mailbox, much less getting in my car and going out for a cupcake.

But my dad was going out to the store anyway, and my mom had mentioned about the cupcake, and so, here he was. My house isn’t anywhere along the way. But that is the way my parents are, selfless, kind, generous. I am a very lucky girl.

Technically, it wasn’t a cupcake. It was a fabulously delicious mini chocolate turtle cake.

Technically, it was the sweetest thing, ever.



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