happy belated birthday, mrs. m.

a year ago, i started this blog. actually, one year and three days ago.
i remembered, a few days before the 7th, and then i forgot. that’s quite typical of the way my mind works.

and now i realize why i have been craving cupcakes all week. which is not at all typical for me, chocolate is my sugar of choice. but all week, cupcakes on the brain. if it wasn’t so outrageously cold outside, i would have made a trip out just to get one. but since i have had no other reason to leave the house, and it is so ridiculously cold, so far, no cupcake.

besides, if i wait long enough, the craving will pass.

i had no idea what i was doing when i started this place, no plan, no clue about how it worked, or the people i would meet, or the heart and soul i would pour into this cyber journal.

it has been a big year, a year filled with words and growth and insight and humor and as the months went by, mrs mediocrity took on her own personality. of course, i let her, i gave her free reign here, i followed her lead.

and she taught me a great deal. about myself, mostly, but also about life and living and the kindness of others. and about who i am, and what really matters and perhaps, most importantly, that i really am mrs. mediocrity. that we are all in this life together.

thank you all for reading and commenting and being supportive
and for making me feel welcome in this world.

on second thought, i think i will go out and buy that cupcake.

i have a little bit of celebrating to do.

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