lessons i’ve learned from
{knitting} about life

everybody comes unraveled occasionally.

it’s good to be able to follow instructions.

sometimes you get all tied up in knots.

with enough patience, you can almost
always get things straightened out.

relaxation comes in many forms.

handmade and old-fashioned are still the best.

it’s possible to create order from chaos.

the math you learned in 10th grade
really does come in handy.

wool socks are still the warmest.

pattern and repetition soothe the soul.

some days are red, some days are blue.

in winter, it’s good to do something
that keeps you warm.

tying up loose ends is a good idea.

sometimes you increase, sometimes you decrease.

having the proper tools makes any job easier.

often, what looks like a big jumbled mess,
comes together quite nicely in the end.

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{knitting} about life”

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