writing {reverb10 – day 2}


What do you do each day that doesnโ€™t contribute to your writing
โ€” and can you eliminate it?


I lack focus.

And time.

I am working on the the focus part, and really, I am getting better at it. Even on the craziest of days, most of the time I manage to zoom into my writing brain. Not always. But mostly.

As for the lack of time, that is more difficult, most of the things I do that take up my time are things involving making a living.
Not easy as a self-employed artist, no 9-5 schedule, no delegating
to someone else, no putting it off until tomorrow.

I am learning as I go along. About writing, about time, about life.

Three things that are all intangible, unmanageable,
beyond my control.

But when I let go of all three and let them just be what they are,

that’s when the magic happens.

12 Responses to “writing {reverb10 – day 2}

  • Liz Says:

    and when you make this magic happen, the sky is a more beautiful shade of blue

  • MC Says:

    LOVE THIS. I feel the exact same way most of time. Thanks for participating and sharing!

  • Amy Oscar Says:

    Me too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for lending a little more focus to MY writing practice. For me, this is the thing: I write all the time – I have complete freedom. So it’s not that I don’t write. The Q is: Writing toward what? Writing about what? Focus, clarity. Direction. Yes. Good things to have as the ideas flow forth from the great murky murk.

  • beth Says:

    me too…me too….working from home with no schedule and tv’s and phones and of course the computer always calling my name….can be a disaster when it comes to focusing on writing…or anything else for that matter….

  • wholly jeanne Says:

    i am daily amazed at how you drop into your poet self, seemingly with such ease, obviously with such grace and talent.

  • mark Says:

    Would that we all had more time. Focus is a toughy for me as well. Not as bad as it was a few months ago, but I hear ya on that one.

  • Brooke Farmer Says:

    Time is a problem for all of us. I feel like half the time I have to give up either eating or sleeping in order to write.

    I spend a lot of time tired and hungry.

  • Brett Henley Says:

    Lack of focus and lack of time seem almost interchangeable at times … and perhaps it’s just perception, but I hear you loud and clear on the difficult of finding balance.

    Sometimes it’s simply a matter of letting go and getting out of our own way. Easier said than done ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Debi Says:

    i have to say i am surprised to read this. not the time part, but the focus part. i get it all, totally, but always, always feel like you are one of the most together, focused gals i know. (don’t laugh – i can hear you, i know you are.) i think you let go & let those things be what they are more often than you know. it always feels like magic here. always.

  • Heather Says:

    “I am learning as I go along. About writing, about time, about life.” I absolutely relate to this. You are one of the I learn from. Let go and be. You are magic.

  • Sally G. Says:

    Good Lord, I’d better start working out – and growing. For if you write as you do zoomed into your writing brain only most of the time ~ then I may spontaneously combust when you put your Focus on. It’s something I really look forward to though …

  • Amy Says:

    Honestly, I am frequently in awe of you. You are exponentially, if not infinitely, busier than me and you manage to get so much more done–including the writing. I have no idea how you do it, and I know it must be a huge endeavor, but from way over here… it looks miraculous. =)

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