word verification

every day i write words on a page. type them on a keyboard.
string them together like beads.

i have a lot of jewelry.

so are all these words just adornment? if i pull out a paragraph
and wear it for the day, does it make me look better? does it change my appearance? does it enhance my life?

does it make me into something other than the person i am when
i roll out of bed in the morning, looking much the worse for wear?

i feel different when i write, i feel like the real me, but that sounds so silly because, of course, i am always the real me, i can’t be anything different.

but all of the censors that are in place when i am face to face with people disappear when i write.

all of the doubts, the insecurities, the nerves.

gone, when i write.

it feels more like my natural language than speaking does.

it feels like the voice of my soul.

i can only hear that voice when i write.

is that weird?

15 Responses to “word verification”

  • Skye Says:

    In which case, my darlin’, not only a necklace made of paragraph, but (ya don’t wanna be naked do you?!) A tank top made of a chapter & a skirt of 5 blogposts…Wear your beautiful words into the world always!! <3

  • beth Says:

    if that’s weird…then we’re in the same weird car traveling the same weird paths and roads that this weird world has thrown at us, while singing along to weird songs thinking “i like those words she just belted out” “who is that artist”

    so ummmm, that would be a HUGE NO !

  • Debi Says:

    Yes. You look better. Calmer. More confident. You are softer when dealing with others and when the words around your wrist or neck sparkle in the sun you are reminded of who you really are and thankful that because you have typed those words, the world knows too.

    From someone who also speaks this language and wears this jewelry. Perhaps just a toe ring some days, but sometimes that is enough.


  • Sally G. Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I think what might be weird is questioning a practice that allows you to hear the voice of your soul. Gosh, that’s a cherished connection!

    Besides, being ‘weird’ is highly under-rated …

  • amy Says:

    does it really matter?…you’ve found your voice ~

  • Amy Says:

    Not weird at all–and as you might guess, I am the same way. Writing has always been where I am the most honest, the most real, and truly myself–my fiction as well as my journaling and blogging. In some ways, my fiction is my most authentic voice because it was the only outlet for my true self during my childhood and pre-adolescence, and it is still where I feel most comfortable and happy expressing the odder parts of my personality. =)

  • Kathryn Says:

    It’s not weird at all, I feel so much more comfortable writing than I do speaking a lot of the time.

  • Liz Says:

    I love that question. I love weird. I love your words, your jewelry, you.

  • Nana Says:

    If it’s weird, it’s beautifully weird.

  • elk Says:

    i see the photo first..then your words sink into me so effortlessly..you give the gifts of you in each word

  • Jillsy Says:

    I love your wardrobe! 🙂

  • Lisa's Chaos Says:

    I feel like that a lot too. I prefer to write over speaking. Give me a pen and paper any day, take away my phone. 🙂 I love this image!!

  • Quinn Says:

    well i happen to like the voice of your soul. a lot. and i like your regular pito voice too.

  • whollyjeanne Says:

    well, here i am. odd woman out again. i actually find my voice when i speak. as in tell stories – mostly in front of a group. that’s where i have fun, totally lose myself and simultaneously find myself. i’m purring just thinking about it . . . which might mean that it’s time to do another vlog. . .

  • Amy @ Never-True Tales Says:

    Nope, not weird. Or maybe I should say, perhaps it IS weird, but I feel the same way. Words are adornment in that they make us feel differently when we’ve written them: fresher, more understood, more attractive. But they also make a lasting impact, like heavy furniture, memories, or tales.

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