My garden is singing the thirsty blues. My pruners have been sitting out on the picnic table for a week. It hasn’t rained, so that’s okay, but really I should go out there and put them away. And the hummingbird feeder is broken. I meant to look for the old one and put it out for them, but I haven’t, yet. Poor thirsty hummingbirds. Perhaps today.

I started one book that did not grab me. I am five pages into another. Each time I start to read I fall asleep. I will have to try another, I want one that I can’t stop reading, so I can stay up late and pretend I’m fifteen. Man, it’s hot. Not hot in here with the air conditioning running and running and running, but man, it’s hot.

I don’t even feel like eating. Well, maybe just ice cream. A dip top. But you could never eat a dip top in this heat, you’d have to run back to your air-conditioned car, and even then it would probably be too late, chocolate would be dripping all the way to your elbow.
I might go get one anyway, eat it right at the counter while I wait for my change, so fast an ice headache rips through my forehead.

And I really should do all this laundry that is piling up on me.
But it’s too hot to fold clothes from the dryer. All my cats do is sleep, and I had crazy wild dreams last night. I hate sleeping in air conditioning, I feel like I can’t breathe, even with a small fan blowing air directly onto my face. And I can breathe, but still,
I wake up in the night feeling like I can’t, sweating even though
the room is cool. Like my body knows how hot it is out there.

I would love to get up and go outside and listen to the crickets, sit in one chair with my feet up on another, and blanket myself with cool night air. But I don’t, the mosquitoes would carry me away, and no one would be able to find me in the morning. Which could be kind of funny, I wonder where they would drop me off? Maybe the neighbor’s around the corner, when I got too heavy.

In the mornings I drink hot tea. I don’t care if it is too hot to drink hot tea, I drink it anyway. Today it will be 93ΒΊ and I think I am going to go running. I love to run in the heat, there is nothing in the world as good as that kind of sweating, feeling my body release the things it has been holding onto, stress, impatience, tension.

All of that will be gone when I am done, and I will stand there,
glistening, while life drips off of me onto the ground.

And then I’m going to go and get that dip top.

Some things a girl just can’t do without.

8 Responses to “inertia”

  • Debi Says:

    perfect description of being hot, hot, hot. i had to laugh at you saying you hate sleeping in air conditioning, as i cannot imagine NOT sleeping in air conditioning. it is hotter where you are than here where i am and that is a weird thing, and you are RUNNING! you are tough! be careful. xoxo

  • Liz Says:

    It’s true. Our minds know it’s hot whether the air conditioner is on or not. πŸ™‚ I’ve been drinking my regular lemongrass green tea, but with ice cubes in it. πŸ™‚

  • Kristin Says:

    I love running at night when it’s hot. Stand dripping in the kitchen. Open the freezer door (I don’t have air conditioning) and eat mint ice cream (I’m partial to Skinny Cow mint truffle these days). I’m so jealous of the crickets. I can’t seem to find any around here. Though no mosquitos, either, so I guess I should be grateful. πŸ™‚

  • Kathryn Says:

    Oooh you tease, love the sound of ice-cream. I tried taking some photos outside this morning but at 8.30 am it was so darn hot and the humidity was a nightmare. Enjoy your run.

  • Marcie Says:

    Oh man –’s hot!!! And – I too – love the intoxicating feel of sweating buckets..getting rid of all that’s stuck inside..cleansing. Altho I need the a/c to function..I love summer heat!!!

  • lisaschaos Says:

    I love when a book grabs my attention and I can’t put it down. I’m currently trying to finish one so I can start on one I’m eager to try. It’s been pretty hot here too, and I’m trying really hard to enjoy the heat while it’s here, but really I’m just hot, lol.

    Lovely flowers as always! hope you get that rain soon!

  • Kate Says:

    That’s how I felt after my walk today. And it was great! It’s so hot here and now the humidity is going up.

  • margie Says:

    moving slow. best time of day this week is at dawn, before the sun cooks up the world.

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