the long and the short of it

is that my cup is full, it is overflowing, and I keep pouring new things in. Life is short but the days are long, sometimes too long, and I find myself wishing them away, wishing for this one, or that one, to be over.

My days are consumed with holes and surprises, moments of passion, fits of anger, tears of joy, and a whole lot of busywork in between. Life is filled with life and I live it to the hilt, not wanting to miss a single thing and why should I, why would I, when there is so much to experience?

It makes me think of that Emperor, Joseph II who supposedly told Mozart his music had “too many notes.” Of course, he was so very wrong, Mozart used exactly the right amount of notes, his music comes as close to perfection as is possible, but this life, my life, seems filled with too many notes, too many choices, there is always something else and something else and something else.

I’m not saying it’s all bad, in many ways choices are good, way better than not having enough. These days we can work where we choose, marry or not as we choose, and pick from the entire pond of fish if we want to. We can eat any fruit or vegetable we want at any time of year because it is always available, we can buy anything we want at any hour of the day because the internet makes it possible, we can exchange thoughts and ideas with people on the other side of the globe, at any time, if we so desire. It makes my mind spin.

But are we frozen in place by all these choices? Have you ever been behind someone who couldn’t decide on a flavor of ice cream and stood there forever and ever? Do you ever find yourself buying much more than you need because you can’t decide between this one or that one? Do you ever have a day when you have so much to do, but get nothing accomplished because you walk in circles?

Are we getting out of tune with our own survival, with the rhythm of life that our bodies want to follow even if technology makes it unnecessary? We exercise at scheduled hours if we exercise at all, we buy more things than we have room for in our homes, we eat food that is bad for us because it is there, everywhere we look.

We keep expanding our own tiny universe, one item, one idea, at a time, until we can no longer see the big picture. All these smaller things, these superfluous notes, block our vision. All we see are these choices, the ones we pick, as well as the ones we do not.

I keep trying to find balance, but I flounder in the chaos, one day thinking I thrive on it, discovering the next I most assuredly do not.

I want my life to be a symphony filled with exactly the right number of notes. Not one too few or one too many. I look past all the choices, filter the detritus of technology and convenience and materialism that fills my line of sight, trying to find my perfect pitch. I want to be a melody, not a cacophony.

But the long and the short of it

is that I’m having a really hard time

coming up with the bridge.

There are simply too many notes.

9 Responses to “the long and the short of it”

  • beth Says:

    anything i can do to help ?

  • Jo Hassan Says:

    Just flew over for a quick peek after seeing your tweet, and have found myself wandering for a while! ;0) I looooove your photos and the intensely beautiful way you ‘paint’ with words… I’m completely captivated so will definitely be back for more of the same.
    Big hugs from a fellow ‘flyer’

  • Graciel @ Evenstar Art Says:

    it has been good for my soul to return to your words after an unintentional hiatus from, well, everything.

    you have company in me; the re-finding of fun, the quest for the melody with just the right amount of notes, the pity-parties and the returns to gratefulness.

    i am tossing one end of a rainbow across the fields of new york. catch it, run with it. i will hold the other end and do the same.

    xo, graciel

  • jill Says:

    We just had a discussion about this last week. I didn’t realize until my brother told me, how many car manufacturers are or have been closed down in the past year. Did you know there will be no more Mercury, there is no Saab, nor Hummer, or Saturn, plus several others? Did we really need them all anyway? I’m glad Hummer’s gone, that’s for sure. But, really, we do have way too many choices and that will be part of our downfall, especially for our Earth. I think it’s a good thing that we are finally re-grouping and getting rid of some of the unnecessary.

  • lisaschaos Says:

    I am feeling a little overflowing too, too many notes, I like that thought better. I fear I will never catch up, lol.

  • kamana Says:

    sorry your are feeling so down. sending you hugs.

  • Tracy Says:

    I could not have said this better. In fact, I am so overwhelmed these days….

    …I could not have said it.

    Oh, what are we to do? Anyone else tired?

  • margie Says:

    i have always been a big believer in a “mental health day” now and then. allowing yourself to back off everything, a sick day without the sick. to be quiet and take it easy. send a message quite clearly to the family that you are not available on that day. on occasion i desperately need to reenergize myself.

  • Debi Says:

    i know this place and it is a maze and you can’t see over the hedges and the sky looks too high and too far away. but night will come and you will stop where you are – you will have no choice, stumbling in the dark will stop you – and you will sleep curled in a corner, safely tucked away from the cold; the maze, surprisingly, will keep you warm, will keep the wind from finding you. you’ll remember that when you awake finally rested – finally! – and the sky will be blue and the clouds will make it seem closer, and as you continue on, looking for the way out, looking for the end, you’ll notice the new leaves growing in those too-tall hedges, you’ll see a bird’s nest or two tucked away inside. the sun will be shining and you will see gifts where you thought there were none.

    i know this place.

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