heat wave

It is hot, so hot, way too hot for May, I want to go out and play,
in the sun, in my garden, and work up a really good sweat.

I want the sun to be sauna, cleanse my body, my soul, I want
to bake til I’m done to perfection.

I want to outlast the flowers that wilt in this heat, stand up tall, stretch my arms, drink the light.

I want to fill an old jar with cold lemonade, tip my head, let it run down my chin.

I want to veer off a path filled with trillium and fronds, find a spot that is dappled with shade.

I want to stand in the middle of life’s endless road and watch heat shimmer up from the pavement.

I want to pull up a chair when dusk comes to call and listen to birds say goodnight.

I want to feel the cool grass beneath my bare feet and watch as the fireflies frolic.

I want to count the planets, say their names one by one, and call them home like children.

I want to howl at the moon just because it is there and and seems to be begging for silence.

I want to lay down my head, sleep the sleep of the dead, when my body just aches with exhaustion.

I want to wake in the morning with sun in my eyes, all shadow removed from the room.

It is hot, so hot, way too hot for May,

I want to walk to the edge of the ocean.

18 Responses to “heat wave”

  • Marcie Says:

    I’d like to walk to the edge of that ocean with you. Yes – it’s been too hot for May (but it’s cooling today!!!). Such beautiful words!!!

    • Mrs. Mediocrity Says:

      Thanks Marcie, this weather is crazy, but could be so much worse. I was thinking today how really we are so lucky in upstate NY, too hot or too cold is about the worst of it, when so many other places get hit with horrible storms, floods etc. … and I do love the changing seasons, just wish they would give us a little more time to acclimate!

  • beth Says:

    we listen to the birds say good morning…..but never good night…i’ll have to try this.

    and that baking to perfection….well, i used to do that. and once i had skin cancer removed last year, well let’s just say that the sun and i are still really good friends, but sunscreen is my best friend now.

    • Mrs. Mediocrity Says:

      oh, truly, the time I spend in the sun is either running or gardening, which means I always have really funny tan lines! I wear my sunblock, I do, for me it is more about being outdoors than getting a tan, I could just live outside in the summer!

  • Kimberla Says:

    can we go to the ocean together?

  • Julie Daley Says:

    These words, put together with love in the way you have, are delectably divine. I can feel the whole thing, as if I were there with you in the heat of May (it’s cloudy, rainy here in Berkeley, so that’s not a bad thing at all!)

    I especially LOVE these:
    “I want to lay down my head, sleep the sleep of the dead, when my body just aches with exhaustion.

    I want to wake in the morning with sun in my eyes, all shadow removed from the room.”

    How wonderful it feels to sleep when all the body wants is sleep, and then to awaken to light…again, divine.

    • Mrs. Mediocrity Says:

      Thanks Julie, yes, that sleep that is so deep and refreshing that comes after a hard day’s work. Sometimes my mind works harder than my body and I can’t shut it off at night, it is good, every once in a while to wear out my body so that sleep comes easily, and refreshes…

  • Debi Says:

    I’m coming up. This is a day that sounds perfect.

  • Kimberla Says:

    As soon as possible, ha ha. Or when you’re not consumed with jewelry shows…

  • Kristin Says:

    So beautiful. I love the cold lemonade image. And I’m a bit jealous of the heat. I’m looking at another 3 months of 50 degrees and rain!

  • Quinn Says:

    it seems that everyone has been complaining about the heat lately..but this post makes it seem lovely!

  • margie Says:

    writing a post can make you sweaty in this weather!! lol.

  • georgia Says:

    oh, good stuff, kelly.

    we had the too-hot-for-may weather at the beginning of the week.

    now? simply perfect. upper 70s. no clouds. no humidity. breezy. perfect. so maybe it’s coming your way next.

    have a wonderful 3-day weekend!

  • emma Says:

    ooohhhhh, I ADORE this! It captures the magic of summer dreaming so well. And it makes me want to run to the beach and sink my toes in the sand. Thank you for such a delight!

  • kamana Says:

    come over. we’ll enjy the ocean together. i spent two hours walking along the shore this morning before breakfast.

  • Kate Says:

    I want to soak up this blog.


  • lisaschaos Says:

    We too have been way too hot for May
    But it’s totally ok!


    I love your way with words!

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