she is trapped inside a month of gray…

a quote from a song that is singing my tune, in these days when the world is filled with color, and these nights when the world is filled with life, and you would think that some of it, a tiny little bit even, would rub off on me, turn me at least a slightly pastel shade of something, but no, there is only gray.

and i’m not saying that gray is bad, it’s not, i like gray, it’s just that it’s not black and it’s not white and the variations are endless and the possibilities are overwhelming, and somewhere in the exact middle of all that gray is the epicenter of the universe or at least the average, the mean, the median, of all the other days, and what does that signify, exactly?

something is shifting in the universe, every second of every minute, and most of the time you can’t tell, you don’t even notice, but every once in a while you feel that shift, that tiny alteration, in your flesh, in your bones, like the tiniest of breezes ruffling over the valleys of your face.

and what i mean is not profound, or out of reach, but life, daily life, that brings with it the endless possibilities, distracting us from the moments we are in, running fingers through our hair just long enough to make us wonder.

and if we wonder long enough, wander long enough, we always get there, the place we are supposed to be, even if we don’t know what it’s called, or how we got there, or where we will be headed next. it might be called tomorrow. or next month. or the future.

but it’s never called yesterday.

7 Responses to “mid-flight”

  • georgia Says:


    i find it so unfair that others can put to paper what swirls around in my mind. why can’t i????

    you have written beautifully here… expressed so many of my own thoughts. beautiful.

  • Marcie Says:

    Yes..yes. We are walking the same walk..talking the same walk. I get it..all of it!!! So great to find like-minded souls here..isn’t it???

  • Debi Says:

    sometimes you can feel that shift – yes, yes, yes, and it’s such a tiny moment, you’d think it so easy to ignore, but as you said, no. it ripples across us and we look up to see who passed, what happened, but it’s only life, only now, only today. beautifully written!

  • wholly jeanne Says:

    so, we find ourselves in a gray duplex, you and me. and there’s no calendar on the wall, no gps system to tell us “at the earliest possible convenience, make a u-turn”. i am working on that elusive-yet-palpable shift, and the shift is me. and not me. so we’re back to gray. sigh.

  • beth Says:

    “it will never be yesterday.”….sheesh isn’t that the truth ?
    and somedays that’s a good thing, and sometimes i’d love to have a re-do….

    and grey, gray, gris…..it’s all of those spellings and shades here and will be for the week if the weatherman is right……yikes, i need a lollipop !

  • lisaschaos Says:

    My eyes just keep going back to the image – wow! I love the bright colors of our feathered friend too!

  • Quinn Says:

    you have become such an exceptional writer that i can instantly understand exactly what you’re thinking once i begin to read. and i agree, the picture is incredible too.

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