the muse at midnight

sits by my door, rapping, whispering, calling

if i step outside i will run i will tarry i will flounder

if i sit here, silent, there will be no song

if i invite her in

she will open my windows

sweep my floor

paint birds on all my mirrors




April is National Poetry Month

Poetry was the first creative love of my life, so I am celebrating by
participating in a Poetry Book Giveaway over at my other blog,
the blue muse.

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8 Responses to “the muse at midnight”

  • Anil Says:

    Reminds me of spring, this verse.

    Liked the “paint birds on all my mirrors”, ensuring the mirror will wake up to cheery chirps each morning.

  • Debi Says:

    invite her in, invite her in. this is wonderful.


  • the domestic fringe Says:

    That was beautiful! I do not have a poetic bone in my body. It’s so sad. Maybe I’ve said this, but I’ve probably just thought it…I really like your layout. Looks great when I click over!

  • Deetz Says:

    You are so good:)

  • Marcie Says:

    Invite her in..definitely. Welcome her with open arms. Embrace her!!!

  • Tracy Says:

    “paint birds on all my mirrors”

    Quite possibly one of the best lines I’ve ever read.

    Where have you been hiding all this time? I’m glad you are coming out… I really like getting to know this side of you.

  • georgia Says:

    i can not say enough how much i love this photos and these words.

    i agree with tracy’s comment above. that line is rockin! i think i like it because i so love birds, and i have an vintage-esque mirror from anthropologie {one of my favorites} with etched birds on it.

    anyway, i’m quite certain i need to be adding this blog to my blog roll so that i can read it on a regular basis. i’m so glad to know you and blue muse are the same person. : )

    love this peaceful, quiet space. i shall visit often. thanks so much for your visits and comments. it means a lot.

    oh, and yay for national poetry month! i’ve never appreciated poetry more than in the past couple years i have been blogging.

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