what eggsactly are you
up to mr. easter bunny?

First, let me say, Happy Easter:

Then let me say, What the?…

If the Easter Bunny was here, apparently he forgot his tail. Now I am not really trying to be funny. When I went to get my mail yesterday, I saw that (whatever it is), “growing” in the center of a clump of daffodils.

What the? I went to get my camera, took a picture as it was, and then pulled it out (with tweezers) to investigate further, fully expecting to be well, grossed out by what must be on the other end. Only nothing. Just a perfect egg-shaped ball of fur that has no indication, anywhere, that it was ever attached to anything. Nothing, just fur. Did the Easter Bunny lay an egg? Should I call National Enquirer?

My son thinks it is part of a squirrel’s tail. I’m not so sure. If so, then how was it attached? We will probably never know…

But oh, Mr. Easter Bunny, he wasn’t through with me yet… sometime during the night he also thought it would be nice to
drop this off:

Oh wait, that wasn’t the Easter Bunny, that was some jerk who (well, let’s not go into that, it is Easter, after all…). And since I was sleeping with the window open for the first time this year, I was awakened to the sound of a kitten’s frantic crying right beneath my bedroom window.

Now, I have mentioned a few times that I am a crazy cat lady. Because we already have four. It’s not my fault, really. They just keep showing up. Kind of like this one. We didn’t go looking for them, they chose us.

But if four makes you a crazy cat lady, what does a fifth make you? A stark raving lunatic?

Only here’s the thing: he is oh my gosh so cute, and my husband has already named him Brett (Favre) and I can see already see what is coming next…

Number five.

Only because of his name, of course we’ll have to call him:

Number Four.

But I don’t think anybody is going to be fooled by that.

12 Responses to “what eggsactly are you
up to mr. easter bunny?”

  • Tracy Says:

    Your big heart and kindness to abandoned creatures always make me smile. You are such a good person.

    G. thinks you are crazy. 🙂

    Welcome to your latest furball!

  • beth Says:

    ohhhh…..number 5….I mean number 4….I mean brett…..how sweet and adorable !!!…..what a great gift someone has given you even if it does make you a bit nuts 🙂

    and that bit of fur….hmmmmm, from the photo it looks more bunny like than squirrel like, but whatever it is….it’s interesting and makes for a great story 🙂

    happy easter to you and yours !!

  • Toni Says:

    I think Brett looks like a keeper – what a cutie! Also, that really does look like Peter Cottontail’s…tail. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  • Marcie Says:

    That you take in all of these cats..is a tribute to your big heart. Sounds like a wonderful easter!!!

  • Debi Says:

    Oh goodness. That TAIL! Do you have owls? Hawks? Other predators? Good thing the kitty found you. He is so beautiful – looks like Maggie, so of course I am prejudiced – but those are the best kind. 🙂

    • Mrs. Mediocrity Says:

      We do have owls, and hawks, and coyotes…which is the first thing I thought of when I first spied it. But I just can’t figure out how it was ever attached to anything, it has no indication of cartilage or bone or anything at all, just a perfect fluffy little hairy egg. Brett, such a little doll, and a little scrapper. This time it was my husband who fell in love first…

  • Ginnie Says:

    Based on all the comments I’ve read, it sounds like you have a heart of gold! I like what you said about all the cats choosing you. I do think that is sooooo possible!

  • the domestic fringe Says:

    Finding that ball of fur must have been really odd. Can I send you some more cats? I mean, what’s another 2 or 3 now?? We have cats that keep getting into our garbage, but my daughter also feeds a cat regularly. We are like a fast food stop for strays.


    • Mrs. Mediocrity Says:

      I know what you mean! Believe it or not another one showed up tonight, I am going to have to do some investigating to see if someone dropped off a litter or if our neighbors got some new barn cats…we CAN’T keep this one too though! I don’t think my neighbors feed their barn cats at all, they always look half starved, it makes me so angry. Ugh. It’s turning me into a cranky crazy cat lady…

  • Petra Says:

    Cats know where to find the best home!
    To me it looks like a bunny tail. I think the bunny must have been eaten by a coyote or maybe … Brett

  • Erin Says:

    At one time we had 6 cats. We are now down to 4. I just love them, so I totally understand you taking in another. Hurrah to crazy cat ladies everywhere!

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