my perfect world

As humans, we like to complain. It’s too cold outside. Too hot. My knee hurts. I am too busy. Winter is too long.

We don’t mean to be negative, I think we just tend to express those thoughts more than others. It gives us a way to bond. Misery does, after all, love company.

But what if we made an effort to do the opposite? I went into my garden today, and by garden I mean frozen tundra. February in New York does not allow much to grow, to be green, or pretty. But okay, in an attempt to be positive instead of wishing winter away I found this:

Pretty, right? Even in the frozen tundra of my February garden there is something beautiful to look at, something hopeful, something to NOT complain about.

So there you have it. Nothing is perfect.

But you can look for the tiny bit of pretty in the ugliest of days. The hardest of times.

It’s there somewhere.

You just have to keep your eyes wide open.

2 Responses to “my perfect world”

  • Sarah@Clover Lane Says:

    Was thinking about this very same thing today…it’s all in how we look at it…a person, a place, the WEATHER! Complaining gets old and isn’t very attractive.
    Love this simple, true post.

    • Mrs. Mediocrity Says:

      Thanks so much! It just seemed that lately everywhere I turn someone is wishing winter away…had to find something good about it!

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