crazy like a cat

I am a crazy cat lady.

But cats can be crazy, too. This one in particular. She runs around with absolutely no sense of inhibition. She plays with a plastic spring as if it were a mouse.She thinks she is a dog. She is always looking for a good time, a good meal, a good rubdown. She totally knows how to live in the moment (see above.) She is, above all, a survivor.

My son found her sitting in the middle of a 55 mph country road one Labor Day morning, just sitting there all by herself on the yellow stripe. But here’s the thing–she was only THREE WEEKS OLD. We never did find out how she came to be there. Or what happened to her mother.

When he showed up at the door with this little fur ball in his hand, the first thing I said (because we already had three cats) was, “You know we can’t keep her.”

Well, as you can see, she is still with us. And there is just something about her, she is tough. She shouldn’t really be here. I tried to feed here with an eye dropper those first few days, and she wouldn’t let me. A tiny three-week-old kitten and I could not hold her down to make her eat. But as soon as I mixed her up some kitten food/milk mush, she buried her head in the tiny, tiny bowl and ate and ate, barely coming up for air. When she did, her entire nose was coated with food. And this is how it went for weeks. Her nose actually ended up completely bald because she was constantly cleaning the food paste off of it.

So here she is two years later, loving life, fat (a little too fat) and happy. And the best part? She makes me laugh every day.

And that is always a good thing.

She also reminds me, every day, what it is to overcome. To be strong. To survive. And to do it all with a sense of humor.

I’m glad she found her way into our lives. Even if it means I have four cats. Does that make me crazy? I don’t know. You decide.

Either way, she makes me laugh. Out loud.

I’ll take that kind of crazy.

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