dew diligence

A sun-filled birdsong morning, windows open and purple flowers, light filtering into every shadow. June is such a busy-bee month, I have to remind myself to stop and smell the roses, literally. My first cup of tea in the garden at dawn is my meditation, my morning pages, my daily gratitude. I drink it down and always, wish for another.

I find myself in getting-stuff-done mode, as if finally my body and my mind have both come to life after winter’s lack of ambition. I am like a plant, a tree, a flower. I need the sun on my skin and the birds to sing me awake in order to grow.

I reach for the sky and it’s there, right there, at the tips of my fingers, day and night.

And it’s enough.







3 Responses to “dew diligence”

  • X Says:

    June is a month of learning for me. I have written 6 grad school papers this week, and administered educational testing to child today. My classes start next week. I look forward to July, when life slows down enough to appreciate it.

  • Angie Says:

    If I were a writer I would be able to tell you how your word pictures touch the depths of my soul. Thank you.

  • Trisha Says:

    truly spoken. we only need the early morning, the birds choir, the touch of purple, and a seat in the garden…and all is well with the world. like you, it is my daily gratitude.

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