Dec 1 2010

one word {reverb10 – day 1}

my word was going to be growth. really, it was.

see? i even had a picture to go with it.

but today was a crazy day. crazy as in, i spent the whole day running around like a chicken with its head cut off, which is a visual i hate, but it gets the job done.

and i realized that if i am going to be honest, the one word that describes this year best for me is: crazy.

oh, there were other words that mattered.

growth. hope. writing.

words in general, they mattered. a lot.

i learned a lot, i grew a lot, i traveled in circles that i never knew existed.

i spent most of this year feeling like i couldn’t catch up, couldn’t catch my breath, would never have time to relax and do all the things i want to do. yet i accomplished more in this past year than in the three years before that.

most importantly, i started writing again. really writing, every day.

my one word could be writing.

my one word could be words.

but i am one of those people that tends to be blunt and honest, to a fault.

so my word is crazy.

and i am.


crazy about life, crazy about writing, crazy about cats and books and art and jewelry and love and hope and each new morning.

yup, that’s it.


::     ::     ::

i’m also supposed to write about what i want for next year, what i envision.

i could lie and say a whole bunch of stuff about goals and dreams and how next year will finally be the year that i get my shit together.

but in truth, i know it will just be more of the same.

more words. more hope. more learning. more growth.

and most definitely,

more crazy.

but there had better not be any more cats.

{reverb10} check it out here