fear and loathing in perspective
{reverb11 – day 17}


Who or what do you loathe and how have you expressed that in 2011?


There is very little that I actually loathe in this life,
but I will do my best with this one.

Wasting time.
Going to the doctor (see: wasting time)

Terrified of:
Worms. On a phobic level.
Wasting time.

Strongly dislike:
Hearing, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”
(see: going to the doctor)

Bitterness, not in food, in people.
Intolerance. (see: wasting time)

Losing the people that I love.
Losing the ability to run.

Getting up too early.
Getting up too late.
Insomnia. (see: getting up too late)
Mean people.

Pet peeves:
Snoring. (see: insomnia)
Bad grammar, especially my own.
Lukewarm tea water in a restaurant.
The phrase “authentic living.”
(see: if i’m breathing, i’m authentic.)

Violent movies.
Spaghetti. (see: worms)
Anything that looks like worms. (see: spaghetti)

Banes of my existence:
Middle-age spread. (see: losing the ability to run)
To Do Lists.
Reply All.
Paperwork. (see: to do lists)
Loathing. (see: wasting time)



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{reverb11 – day 17}

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