Okay, it’s quite true that I’ve always taken the road less traveled, not exactly on purpose but just because that was always the one that appealed to me most.

Less traffic, less people, less been there done that. Out of the mainstream. Off on my own.

So where has it gotten me?

Out on a limb, up a tree, tangled in thickets? Dangling from a limb?


Either way, it’s where I am. I took the road less traveled by and it has made all the difference. And though there are some days when I shake my head and wish I had chosen otherwise, in my heart I know it was the only road I could have taken. My feet walked that way naturally, and to have forced them to do otherwise would have been next to impossible.

Right now, my life is a crazy whirlwind of work and not enough time. This is not new, this is not a surprise. This is not my beautiful life.

Except, it is.

I know this, I know that this is the life I have. I also know that given my druthers, it is the life I would choose. Again and again and again.

It is the only life I know how to live, this life of listening to leaves rustle and kittens cry and whispers of words that refuse be silent.

This is my life. Yes, I could second-guess myself all day long, and on some days, I do. On some days, a 9 to 5 job in an office full of worker bees sounds like the perfect solution.

Here, I buzz around by myself and try to make it all work. Try to fit in a life around the busyness.

Some days, I think I should give up this blog and the other blog, reclaim that time. But I love this place. This place of words and pretty pictures. This place that is mine. Some days, this is my oasis.

So here I am, standing at a fork, again.

And you know what? My feet have already started down that same old same old path.

The one less traveled. Because that’s who I am.

Come along, walk with me.



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