May 26. A day like any other.

Another weekday filled with work and longing to be elsewhere, outside in my garden, running, being held up by a breeze.

Except. I stole the afternoon. I couldn’t help it. And I’m not doing anything, not pulling one million dandelions or planting or watering or designing or cleaning or fixing or producing.

I am sitting in my garden listening to birdsong and breezes, basking in an already too-warm sun, trying not to feel guilty while doing it.

Okay, fine, I’m not having all that much trouble with the guilt.

The bluebirds haven’t been here at all today, I think the cats may have finally frightened them away. This makes me sad and relieved all at once.

But the mockingbird has a nest in the row of pines along the edge of the property, and while I can’t see him, I can hear him, show-off that he is, marking time in the voices of others.

These are the kind of moments I live for. I can’t decide if that’s sad or not. Although I think I’m deciding that it’s not. Oh, I’m sure there are people that have lives much more exciting than mine, but I am content sitting here in my garden, bare feet up on a chair, sun on my face, surrounded by the jungle of my existence.

I never thought I’d be this woman, sitting in her backyard, not needing anything else.

Yet here I am. Soaking up so much more than the sun that glints off the oh-so-white skin of my shins.

And what’s really blinding

is my smile.

8 Responses to “sunglasses”

  • Jeff Says:

    You are Thoreau reincarnated.

    Perhaps you did not ‘steal the afternoon,’ afterall. I think you had it coming.

  • Skye Says:

    Oh, no! Not sad at all. Verrrrrry lovely!

  • Michael Douglas Jones Says:

    Right there, for two minutes, through you and your words, I enjoyed a lovely afternoon as well. Thank you; maybe it will give me the mettle to steal an afternoon for myself.

  • beth Says:

    kelly this is so great !
    if we can’t spoil ourselves every now and then…well, life just wouldn’t be any fun would it !
    i think at least one day a week you need to sit outside and do nothing !!
    and those oh so white shins of yours….my whole body is that oh so white and is blinding. believe me. seriously blinding !!

  • Wholly Jeanne Says:

    Me, I am your enchanted partner in crime, though vicariously, and I’m quite happy that your shins are white and not the color of bruises and scrapes from an afternoon spent kneeling and such.

  • Teresa Deak Says:

    What a way to relish the moment, really savour it…and no doubt make a few who are locked in their cubicles feel a bit envious.

    It’s not quite warm enough to be outside here, but I have a door open & can hear the birdies chirping as I quietly plug along at some business stuff I need to get done. And I’ve just been joined by Otto the cat, who is purring and drooling and kneading beside me.

    Life is good.

    Hugs and butterflies,

  • Marcie Says:

    Nothing at all sad about this moment..and this day. Sounds absolutely and delightfully perfect!

  • Reena Says:

    Not sad at all!!! The solitude with oneself is the best of times. Treasured moments!

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