wisdom. {reverb10 – day 10}


What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how
did it play out?


I ran it out.

I flew.

I became twice my son’s age.

I was grateful.

I danced.

I got lost in the crowd.

I watched life through a smile and a curtain.

I hoped.

I celebrated.

I dug down deep and found a word.

I fell and got back up.

I watched shadows dance across the floor.

I wrestled my to-do list, and I won.

I stared out of windows late at night.

I stood in the dark and listened for sunrise.

I forgave.

I wore purple rain boots that made me happy.

I wrote.

I sat there and looked pretty.

I asked questions, the right ones, and the wrong ones.

I stood on the outside looking in.

I sat beneath a windmill and I cried.

I listened.

I enjoyed a breeze of silence.

I took one more step.

I made pickles.

I became a crazy cat lady.

I drew a heart using the moon as my pencil.

I loved.

I worried.

I began.

I let my hair blow wildly in the wind.

I ran six miles on a 90 degree day,
bought a dip top ice cream cone and
let it drip down my arms as I ate it.

I sat on the floor and I wept.

I pulled weeds.

I was a weed.

I ate chocolate.

I watched minutes tick away on the clock.

I saw a lifetime of fabulous views.

I wore rose colored glasses.

I stole hours of quiet and held them in
until they came back out as smiles.

I giggled.

I reached for the sky.

In other words,

I lived.


These are all ideas or excerpts taken from my posts this past year.

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