lessons i’ve learned from
{dogs} about life

always tell people how you really feel. they’ll respect you more,
and they’ll love you for it.

in the end, it’s all about food.

unconditional love and wet sloppy kisses are the best.

a nice long walk can change your outlook on life.

it’s normal to feel jealous sometimes, but you have to learn
how to control it.

you should greet the ones you love at the door, tail a’wagging.

your first instincts are usually correct.

it’s good to get excited about the little things.

sometimes all you have to do is bark, but every once in a while,
you have to bite.

loyalty is the foundation of the best relationships.

upside down naps are one of life’s great pleasures.

bacon is the best.

every so often, you should run around at full speed
and with complete abandon, for no reason whatsoever.

it’s your job to protect the people you love.

sometimes, to be the best kind of friend, you just have to sit there.

always make your bed and fluff your pillows before lying down.

and if you ever want to make your mom laugh really, really hard,
just show up at the back door with a slug on your forehead.

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{dogs} about life”

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