Jul 30 2019

on learning to laugh
through the bars
of this broken
hearted window

a giggle escapes
through the space

blue sky

and you
in the corner

throwing choices
at cracked white walls

always looking
for the one
that will stick

i hear an ocean of epitaph
singeing torn curtains

a whale on the roof
leaking tears
into gutter

grey gull
limping flight
through white waves of sand

a bead of laughter
rises up
beneath the surface

breaking skin and
creeping starfish
that will die
of too much sun

and the ball
rolling back in my

comes to rest
at the edge
of false fealty

cliff hanger hopeful
and harpy sated


marking grid
on fields of silent

glittered gauze

Jul 11 2017

i made you my art, and then I remembered

i once
built a moon
on a red wall of chapter
singing verse and pressing mortar
into cracks and desperation

all scrabble fingered
and blister burned

pasting love and scraps of
over lies and offered

all the while pretty singing

this is the light
we eat by

this is the light
i worship at night

this is the light
i fly to

burning wing and hemmed

my own false idol
swinging from a string
in the blackest corner
of orion’s night




Jun 14 2016

and silence grows

digging deep through poisoned soil
seeking hope or refuge or both
and the flower opens
and we think pretty
but it’s all
just a matter
of survival

“this is not really happening—
you bet your life it is”*

hang your head
nod hello
stand your ground

i can’t remember

i can’t remember

your name
or alice
or delilah

i can’t remember

and all you ever wanted
was bloom




(*from Tori Amos’ Cornflake Girl)

Feb 4 2016

holding blue up to the sky

the way a tree holds up time for everyone to see


i ran on the side of the road to a place i can’t get back to

a stranger asked if i was lost

and i wondered how he knew


peace is always an illusion when the default is chaos


the red-winged blackbird wears his heart on his sleeve

and i follow his lead


regret is the stepping stone of forward


crooked is the path that gets you there





Feb 2 2016

this is the mirror

at the root of existence

we choose to grow and then


bend and bow

curve and carry

reach and



at night the bloom closes
protecting center from darkness
and fragile from star


days run together

with the laughter of sympathy


what we’ve learned



is eternally






Jan 21 2016

tiny slices of sanity

in a world of too much and

never enough

and tiny lives

bleeding hearts

doors that open

before they close

window views and

widow’s walks

and the quiet violence

of bloom




Dec 3 2015

feeding my heart

on the quiet colors
of a cold grey sad day morning
the scent of winter
crisp and silent
creeping up behind me





Nov 10 2015

the shimmer tree


i search for beauty in the bones of every skeleton

architecture is the art of building frames

i thought i was a writer once, then i became human

the sky is a cage built for starlings

i am the ghost of my grandmother, re-contrived


all the leaves have fallen now and the wind has moved on

we stand naked in the weak winter sunshine,

refusing the invitation to bend





Oct 6 2015

standing on the edge
of altercation

Prepared to run, poised for flight, yet standing my ground. The sky grows dark with words that flit by with the silence of bats, words used, expelled, offered in place of all I cannot give. The earth rumbles with those I’ve yet to speak.

I want to remember tomorrow before it happens and dream of yesterday’s chance. I want to be the bird that lands last. I want to sing with the abandon of loss.

Instead, I reach my arms high and offer sanctuary, spreading branches like wings and roots like scrabbling claw feet. I am sharp-edged and hollow-toed. I am filled with echoes.

I dreamt of you again last night, fooled myself into seeing you again, but even my dream felt the need to remind me that you are gone. And even in sleep I wondered if this is the way it will always be, and I spent the rest of the night wandering lost from room to room in a house built from memories of places I’ve never been.

We were there, together, just for a moment. Before I remembered.

Mostly, I’ve come to understand that the questions will never be answered. Mostly, I’ve come to embrace the lack of knowing. I am content to wander through this field of grass and bird and flailing branch. The wind is a challenge to stay upright, my map has sailed high into clouds of disdain.


And we laughed again
at free falling bottles and
broken stars. We laughed.



Joining in today over at dVersePoets with a Haibun, using Kahlil Gibran’s quote: “Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.” as inspiration.




Sep 24 2015

nestled in the mess
of imperfection

And happy to be there, settling in finally, after all these years.

You have to know your limitations and work them
into the fabric of your life.

Pick them apart and darn them back together.

You have to go in circles to get to the center.

All of life is only ever held together by a thread anyway,
no matter how much you want to think otherwise.

It’s a trap you construct to keep yourself alive,
even if you must begin anew each day.

You do it because survival is a never-ending puzzle,
a labyrinth, a fibonacci dream,
and you are always listening
for the sound beneath the sea.

You do it because everything beautiful
is woven of dark’s lightest threads and
every negative space holds eternity.

You do it because you’re thirsty,
and even dew on the edge of a crooked-silver web
will sustain you.