remembering to forget
{snippets and stories #1}

i bend to retrieve the slip of paper you dropped last time you were here, tucked beneath the corner of the bed, forgotten in a sea of dust. it’s a list and it’s nothing but you wrote it:




and i wonder if you remembered all three when you went to the store, or if you forgot the razors, and were you planning to make chicken piccata for dinner?

i can’t remember when it was that you were here. six months ago? eight? i can’t remember the last time you were there, either.

later, after i’d cleaned the floor, swept and mopped and made the bed, i put the list back where i’d found it, just to have one thing that made sense.




One Response to “remembering to forget
{snippets and stories #1}

  • X Says:

    I feel loss in this. I may be wrong – but after losing someone it doesnt make much sense. But what a treasure in finding that note. Even if just a list I am sure it brought back many memories.

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