dear september

How have you been? I’m sorry I keep missing you, it seems like every time you stop by I’m off doing something from the great list of needs to be done. It’s never-ending, that list, and even though you kept bringing me treats and good sunshine, I just haven’t had the time to come out and play. Your cousin, October, has already written and told me she expects better treatment. And I’ll try, I promise. Maybe I’ll even cook her up a nice pot of chili, with a pan of apple crisp for dessert. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for letting you down, I know you tried really hard. I’ll try to do better next time.

I do have a funny story for you, with your allergies being so bad, you’ll be able to relate. This morning I walked to the kitchen straight from my bed, just the same way I do every morning, and turned the stove on to heat the teakettle. While I waited, I talked to the animals, offered treats and fresh water and snuggles, and then I made myself a cup of tea.

I walked into my studio to start getting organized for all the work I have today, and puttered around for a few minutes while I waited for the teakettle to whistle. (Wait, what? I know!) Finally, I figured I hadn’t turned the burner on again, I do that pretty regularly, so I walked out to the kitchen and saw that the kettle wasn’t even sitting on the burner–I usually get that far, just forget to turn it on. And it wasn’t until I saw the cup I’d just made sitting on the counter that I remembered I’d already made it. I think I might be losing my mind. How could I have forgotten something I just did five minutes before?

Apparently I need tea to wake me up enough to make tea. Not sure how I’m going to solve that conundrum, but I thought you might get a kick out of that story.

And just yesterday I made myself a cup without boiling the water first. I realized what I’d done before I took a sip, thank goodness, but still. I’m telling you, these allergies are a killer. I feel like I’m walking around in a fog half the time. Then again, that’s pretty much my normal state of being.

I haven’t been sleeping well either. Some nights I feel like I don’t sleep at all. Damn hormonees. (You saw that movie, right? My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I can never remember if that was you or January.) And have you heard the coyotes lately? They’re crazy loud and it creeps me right out. Sounds like there’s a million of them out there, trolling around in that field right across the road. It makes me worry about Naughty Kitten.

He’s been on a rampage, killing everything he can find. He left us a chipmunk by the back door just the other day, belly up and pathetic looking. Sorry Mr. Chipmunk. I always feel bad about the chipmunks, until I remember that time I saw one in the basement. Then I tell him to get on out there and find the rest of them.

Well, I guess I’d better go and get busy, I have a million things to do today before October gets here. I do hope you’ll come and stay with us again, next year. Maybe you’d like to come for tea. Ha ha.

Love ya tons,




10 Responses to “dear september”

  • honey Says:

    this is my favorite piece since my last favorite. i’d write more, but i have my own list of things to be done.

  • beth Says:

    i hope you feel better and are clear headed soon!

    and those hormones, oh lordy, i know them all too well. although sleep has come back to me lately to the point of end of the day exhaustion and sleeping all night, but a few other things i’m still blaming on hormones and probably will for a few more years 🙁

  • Jenn A. Says:

    Touching and funny and absolutely spot on – I loved every word of this!
    (Oh, and you are not alone: I, too, have a long history of trying to heat tea water without actually turing the burner on – one day, it’s going to work!)
    Thank you, thank you for the lovely post!

  • Sooz W Says:

    That was so much fun to read, my dear. I LOVED the paragraph about the tea…

  • mark Says:

    I love reading other ‘peoples’ mail…

  • Kathryn Dyche Dechairo Says:

    I can so relate to the tea escapades. I’ve been known to put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to slurp tea only to find the water unheated and cold. Oh then there’s forgetting to put a teabag in the mug and I stand there stirring for eternity waiting for it to turn a darker shade.

    Allergies are definitely up at the moment with the changing of the seasons but other than that I love this time of year.

    Oh and I know all about not sleeping too . . . that was my night last night. I keep deserting my poor hubby so that he can at least get some sleep. Hope you get some good Zzzz’s soon and if you figure out the trick to needing a cup of tea to make a cup of tea I’m all ears. 🙂

  • nana Says:


  • brian miller Says:

    hope you get some rest in october…my sleeplessness has been stress but i am almost done with grad school this semester so i am good there….i need one of those shirts with my name on it…for when i start forgetting my own…smiles

  • ayala Says:

    I can relate to all of this 🙂 I hope October is kind to you.

  • Maery Rose Says:

    So glad I’m not alone in such moments!

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