Sep 5 2013

timing is everything

Last night I went to buy groceries, even though I didn’t really have time to stop and buy groceries, but you know, a girl’s gotta eat. It had been a day at the races, a day with my nose to the grindstone, getting stuff done, meeting deadlines, time running out.

That kind of day.

That kind of week.

When I got home and opened the car door, I was blasted by the sound of hundreds of blackbirds in the tree at the end of the driveway.

I could barely see them, they managed to blend in quite well with the leaves on the tree, but I couldn’t possibly miss their raucous party sounds.

And so, I stopped rushing.

I listened.

And I smiled.

After a few moments of standing there, grinning like a fool, I closed the car door and they all flew from the tree out front to the tree out back. By the time I carried all the groceries in and my camera back out, they were moving on down the road.

But it was enough, that little reminder. It’s a big, big sky…

Slow down.

Pay attention.




Sep 3 2013

your name is a poem
i’ve just learned to read

i hold this day like a jewel in my palm
knowing soon enough
my gypsy soul will be trapped inside
with fire

this morning there was rain
pulling moisture from the air
in a long grey exhale

everything is damp

and i sit here weaving
magenta colored bracelets

while you dance above my head
with your promise

kiss me over the garden gate

i would, if i could reach
the beauty in your title

instead i sit at your feet
and water you with gratitude

the sky feeds me
and i am always hungry

you know this and still,

you bend slowly
touch your lips to mine

somewhere high above
i see a cloud
shaped like winter

the cat drops a cardinal
at my feet

forcing me to remove it
or watch him eat

all the while
in my arms

i carry
your bouquet





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p.s. the flower in the photo really is named kiss me over the garden gate