Jul 8 2012


earth cracked and dry
like the skin on my knuckles
the only difference
is the blood that seeps
through my skin

signs of life
cannot be mistaken
as proof of growth

sapped out seedlings

burn bury burn

crackle crumble

the will to live survives
the pain of scorch in
this desert of days

moisture moves
beneath the surface
with a ripple and a whorl
as the weight of memory
pulls me under




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Jul 7 2012

synapse no. 19



you miss

what is right

in front of you.


Jul 5 2012

possibility stands tall
behind me


whispering promises
that always come true
because if nothing else,
we’re always changing

and i stand in the
star-shaped shadow
of everything you’ve
ever given me

trust and hope
filtering down through
to my roots

blushing pink
and smiling
at the sky


“For the joys a garden brings are already going as they come.” ~ May Sarton


Jul 3 2012

rage against the machine

that keeps you
pokes and prods
pricks and feeds
from the marrow
of your soul

blood and toil
aren’t that hard
to come by

we know this

there’s always
someone willing
to work for less

more to come
hurry up and wait

tread that mill
like you mean it

mean it

fill the empty spaces


of heart

that will later

be erased

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