Aug 13 2011

stop, pause and…

{august break no. 13}







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Aug 11 2011


{august break no. 11}



“Don’t rock the boat,” they like to say,

any time the wind howls just a little too loudly.

“Don’t make waves.”

But as you can see, I have both feet planted

firmly on the ground, and let me assure you,

I’m still standing.


Aug 9 2011

for all that i grieve

{august break no. 9}

in honor of your death

i have burned the mountain

for it was you
who walked beside me
etching creases on my face
to bring me courage

you who wrapped
love’s first seed
in scarlet paper,
held it up
against the sky
to bring me home

you who left me separate
but never
quite alone
to teach me the faults
of observation

i watched as
embers cooled
and turned to stone

walked among them
choosing shapes
of heart and
hollow memory

until i came
to gnarled stumps
and saw you

eyes sorry
for the comfort
you had made



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Aug 7 2011

some days

{august break no. 7}



she woke up

feeling all



Aug 6 2011

after much consternation

{august break no. 6}



she finally decided

to go grey. 


Aug 4 2011


{august break no. 4}



who sings loudest,

the bird who is caged

or the bird who is free? 


Aug 2 2011


{august break no. 2}


sparkle green

golden sideways

mute repercussion


what you see

matters less

than what





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